Our Mission

Mandated in 2019, Love Drogheda Business Improvement District (BID) CLG is a collaboration of 1561 levy payers working together to make Drogheda an even better place for everyone.

It exists solely to introduce significant improvements for the benefit of levy payers. Its aim is to ensure Drogheda is increasingly known for its safe, attractive and welcoming look and feel by all those who work, study, live and spend leisure time in Drogheda.

We are supported by local businesses to work on behalf of local business and have been tasked with delivering 26 projects across 5 different pillars of Retail, Tourism, Environment, Jobs & Technology and Culture & Heritage.

What is Drogheda BID?

In Ireland Business Improvement Districts are legislated for by the Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act 2006. This Act facilitates the setting up of BID by BID proposers in an area. It also sets out the obligations and requirements of the rating authority to facilitate the proposal, time requirements and the setting up of a plebiscite.

Under the Act all rate payers in the proposed area have an opportunity to vote for or against setting up the BID. The BID runs for a period of 5 years, after which a plebiscite is held to renew it for a further 5 years. Included in the proposal is a BID Levy. This is an additional amount of money that is invoiced and collect by the Local Authority. The BID levy funds are transferred to the BID company for use in accordance with its proposal document.

The BID company is a company limited by guarantee. If the BID proposal is successful a permanent board will be elected with 12 members. Two thirds of the members have to be rate payers or representatives of rate payers. Two board members are co-opted by Louth County Council – one being an executive and the other being a councillor. The board are responsible for the governance and management of the BID company.

Advantages of Drogheda BID

  • Local Businesses decide and direct what they want for the area
  • Businesses are represented and have a voice in issues affecting the area
  • BID levy money is ring fenced for use only in the BID area - unlike business rates which are paid into and redistributed by local government.
  • BIDs are run by non-profit companies and the governance of the company is sourced from the businesses that fund the BID. The principle behind a BID is that it is run by business, for business and controlled by organisations with a business mind-set.

Love Drogheda Projects

See some of our projects in action

Flower Basket Grant

LoveDrogheda BID is continuing in these difficult times to work in the best interests of Drogheda's ratepayers. Separate to the collating and dissemination of information relevant to the Covid pandemic we are still, as best we can, endeavouring to pursue many of our original projects.

One of these is to build on the excellent floral display put on by the town of Drogheda over the last couple of years. The scheme this year will be done in a slightly different way so that all rate payers and nurseries can benefit.


Commuter Survey

Exactly one year on from the first large scale commuter survey of its kind in the Louth/ Meath region three Drogheda enterprise organisations have come together again to survey our local commuter population to identify the employment changes that are happening.

According to CSO figures, there are approximately 15,000 skilled workers living in our South Louth, East Meath hinterland, with over 65% of those surveyed previously leaving for work before 7:30am and not returning until after 6:30PM losing key opportunities to engage in the local community.