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Flower Basket Grant

LoveDrogheda BID is continuing in these difficult times to work in the best interests of Drogheda's ratepayers Separate to the collating and dissemination of information relevant to the Covid pandemic we are still, as best we can, endeavouring to pursue many of our original projects.

One of these is to build on the excellent floral display put on by the town of Drogheda over the last couple of years. The scheme this year will be done in a slightly different way so that all rate payers and nurseries can benefit.

We are acutely aware that this may not be a runner for many businesses, so it is our intention to make this scheme this year as attractive as possible to interested businesses. With this in mind we are making available a grant scheme of 25 Euro towards each hanging basket or window box. The maximum allocation would be up to 4 at a cost of 100 Euro for larger business fronts. This scheme can also go towards a watering system instead at a max of 100 Euro.


  • Limited to a max of 4 units per business.
  • Access to a nearby water supply is made available by the applicant from their premises or by agreement from a neighbouring premises.
  • The grant will not be made available to Businesses that have not provided a permanent fixed, regulated and controllable drip feed watering system. Stand alone systems are readily available in many garden centres / hardware stores. For larger scale, multi premises supply, we can advise on the sourcing of same. The installation of these systems are fairly straight forward and can be tackled by anyone with an understanding of basic plumbing.
  • Permission from property owner and affected tenants is secured by applicant businesses
  • Cost of installing flowers/ water is bourn by the applicant
  • LoveDrogheda BID is not liable for any insurance provision
  • Each Business is responsible for sourcing and organising their own flowers this year and a receipt can be dropped to the BIDs office with a picture of the flower installations to be applicable for the grant which will be given as a refund.
  • Businesses can feel free to spend a lot more per basket/box but 25 Euro is the max grant value on each one.

LoveDrogheda BID will not be in a position to undertake to install any units or be responsible for same once installed. We would advise when organising any installation that consideration is given to arranging the subsequent removal of the flowers at the end of the season, typically in the month of October.

Any installed watering scheme should have a back flow regulator installed to ensure contamination of the public water supply cannot occur.

All watering systems should be drained for the winter season to protect against frost. If a system is to be left ‘live’ over the winter to water winter flowers, consideration should be given to insulate the supply against frost.

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