The proponents of LOVEDROGHEDA believe that the future prosperity and well being of Drogheda City is very much dependent on the ability of its people to work together. Many of the projects we are proposing are dependent on groups of people in Drogheda coming together and collaborating.

It is a proven fact that towns and cities that collaborate, are economically and socially vibrant, attract inward investment and funding, are progressive and places that people want to make home.

Many of the projects proposed will involve the BID company and rate payers working together with many organisations in Drogheda and collaborating to make the projects happen. This means conducting business in a positive, respectful and constructive manner.

Project Action Collaboration Partners Proposed Timescale
Awareness on City Carbon Reduction Awareness campaign for City Carbon Reduction 5 Year Plan Drogheda Chamber of Commerce 1 yr - 18 mths
Drogheda's Night Life - Purple Flag, events and tourism initiatives
Viaduct bridge - bringing rail transport to Drogheda for over 160 years
Laurence's Gate - tourist attraction & centrepiece of future events and festivals